5 Awesome Books To Read in an Afternoon


If you feel like you’ve been slacking in life, and you must prove to yourself that you’re not a lazy bum, I have the answer for you: you can read an awesome book in only a few hours. And then you can go tell your mom, because you live in her basement and she does all you laundry, that you have just read an entire book. She’ll be proud of you and she’ll get off your back. Soon you can get back to your video game playing or mind numbing TV watching. I’m a life savior, I know.


5) The Gambler


From what I understand, Dostoevsky was a gambler himself, and that alone would make this an interesting read: the autobiography of a gambler. And according to Wikipedia, he wrote this book to pay off gambling debts. I mean, it can’t get more personal than that.


4) The Importance of Being Earnest

importance earnest

I’ve reviewed this book in its entirety a while back here on the blog, so if you’re interested, I suggest you go check it out. I’ll avoid repeating myself and boring you. This book is short and sweet, just like this explanation.


3) The Picture of Dorian Gray

dorian gray

The theme of this book is pretty well known. It’s one of those stories that we know about without even getting close to the original work. Well, so here’s my plead to you: don’t be one of those people that think hearing of a story is the same as reading the book. It is not. It will never be. So it doesn’t matter if you know about the painting that aged instead of the man, you still need to read the book. Stop being lazy.


2) The Old Man And The Sea

old man sea

This is not my favorite of Hemingway’s books, but regardless of my personal preferences, this is one of his most praised works. I have no idea how fishing works. I have never gone fishing; and I probably never will. I would most likely die of boredom just thinking about it.


1) Animal Farm


Almost as good as 1984, your mom will definitely be proud if you tell her you spent your Sunday reading Animal Farm; instead of your usual video game playing, football watching, pizza eating Sunday. She will even start cooking you pancakes for breakfast again.

And you thought reading this blog couldn’t make your life better.


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